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Gotham City in Belgium

While in Belgium with his girlfriend, reddit user sneakylawyer found himself exploring an abandoned school for nurses which is now home to a collection of outrageous batman themed graffiti.  Here are some of the images he captured!

Sarcophagus found of Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh by US archaeologist

A group of archeologist from the University of Pennsylvania discovered a 3,800 year old quartzite sarcophagus last year in Abydos and have finally identified it as the 13th dynasties first pharaoh, Sobekhotep I.  Many scholars believe Sobekhotep I ruled for about three years between 1780 and 1777 B.C. Other than being listed on the Karnak … Continue reading

Hirst and Disney collaborate for Kids Company Charity at Christie’s

Damien Hirst has unveiled an iconic yet rather unusual work that will be auctioned off at Christie’s, London, next month in an effort to raise money for the charity, Kids Company. Kids Company provides practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner-city children and young people, a cause Hirst has supported for the past six … Continue reading

Doing What It Takes.

I bet most people would not have the patience to be an art conservator. I’ll go even further to say that almost no one would want to embark on the journey of restoring a Jackson Pollock. But an adventurous soul, Nicholas Dorman, the Seattle Art Museum’s chief conservator, has done just that. While the Seattle … Continue reading

Art Thief claims reality tv show footage can prove his innocence

$100,000 worth of artwork was allegedly stolen from a Kings Point estate by Joselito Vega, a hired house painter, in 2012.  Vega was arrested after authorities were notified about video footage caught by a hidden camera during the filming of CBS’s reality show, “Brooklyn DA,” which later aired over a three episode played out drama … Continue reading