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Mouse movie leads to long-lost painting

Art Historian, Gergely Barki,  researching the avant garde works of Robert Bereny, was shocked to spot a long lost painting by the artist on the wall of the movie his daughter was watching. On set of the 1999 movie, Stuart Little, hung Bereny’s “Sleeping Lady With a Black Vase” which hadn’t been seen since 1928. … Continue reading

Coverage on the November 2014 Contemoprary & Post-War Sales

Ok, just give me a second while I pick my jaw up off the floor. Wow. Just, wow… $2.3 Billion worth of art sold in 2 weeks.  Damn, that’s a lot of money.  So, in case you forgot to read the title, we are talking Contemporary & Post-War and as shocking as it may seem, … Continue reading

Coverage on the November 2014 Impressionist & Modern Art Sales

Incredible records were made early in November as the Impressionist & Modern Art auctions were held in New York City.  Kicking off the week was Sotheby’s Evening sale on November 4th.  Buyers in 40 countries, most of which were from the US, Europe and China, battled it out on the block for the latest pieces … Continue reading