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28 Years Later

I’ve taken an interest in photography lately. I think it started in January, when I saw Letizia Battaglia’s Palermo photographs. They were on display at the MAXXI in Rome. To see something nearly a world away, in a different time, from a completely different perspective through a single photograph, a single moment, is one of … Continue reading

The Buildings Are Alive

All over western Russia, the buildings are slowly coming to life. They aren’t moving, but they have faces, hands, teeth and eyes. This is all thanks to Nikita Nomerz, a Russian street artist who initiated a series of projects called The Living Walls. Over the past few years, a set of giant hands have been seen … Continue reading

600 cliff burials dating back to the Eastern Han Dynasty, excavated in China

According to the Art Newspaper, archaeologists in China’s Sichuan Province have done extensive excavations of 600 cliff burials across two mountains; a practice done to bring the deceased closer to god and the sun. Most of the burial sites were constructed between the first and sixth century AD and studies have dated the eldest tomb … Continue reading