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Alain Cadix’s ten-point plan will boost modern and contemporary design in france

French official Alain Cadix, has launched a ten-point plan to increase modern and contemporary design across the country. A couple of points in his plan include creating special design units, named after late French designer, at universities called “Roger Tallon hubs” as well as private and public funding for a “national design policy” which will give 20% tax breaks for medium-sized companies spending up to €400,000 on design-related items. (TheArtNewspaper)

About Alyssa T. Rehs

Alyssa Rehs is a fourth generation Art Dealer at her family owned art galleries, Rehs Galleries, Inc. and Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City, New York. She received an Art History degree from the University of Rhode Island in 2012 as well as interned at Christie’s Auction House, New York City. Using her art historian degree, gallery experience, and a summer spent working at the auction house, she has a well rounded understanding of the art market. Alyssa appreciates the market from multiple standpoints; art lover, art buyer and art seller!


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