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The Dark Side

September Edition

Michael Anthony Jackson – this 45 year old convict with a rap-sheet including murder, domestic violence assaulter, assault, and negligent driving is now facing felony malicious mischief charges for damaging an 18th century Chinese urn, at the Seattle Art Museum in July.  According to police reports, Jackson pushed the urn over, worth more than $100,000, which then tumbled down a staircase causing severe damages — the urn is in the process of being repaired.  It will be interesting to hear what happens to Mr. Jackson.

Guercino – his 10 x 6 foot Renaissance masterpiece was stolen from the Church of San Vincenzo, Modena, Italy.  The work shows the Madonna with St. John the Evangelist and has an estimated value upwards of £5 million.  Reports state that the church was equipped with an alarm system; but due to lack of funds it was not activated.  Some believe that the work may have been stolen as an order from a very “rich, passionate art lover who wants to have it for himself” while others fear it will be cut into pieces and sold individually.

Paul Yore – this 26 year old artist has been accused of child pornography.  His installation at the Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts in St. Kilda, Melboune, Everything Is F&%ked, overstepped the human rights charter when he placed the faces of nine unknown children on photographs of adult nude bodies. Yore is facing up to ten years in prison and inclusion on the sex offenders register.  His case was heard on the 19th and the court’s decision will be decided on October 1st.

Todd Rose – So this is an interesting one.  Say you are a rental property owner, would you ever leave a $1 million original PICASSO painting in that home? Well, that is exactly what one woman did and I am pretty sure you see where this story is going…  Evicted renter, Todd Rose, 53, got himself into a lot of trouble after the property owner called police, reporting he was still in the home.  Once police entered the home, not only was Rose gone, but so was the Picasso, a large antique tribal mask, a $5,000 rug and two televisions.  Police located Rose at a storage unit where he confessed to placing the works in another facility for safe keeping; in addition, he denied knowing the whereabouts of the other stolen goods.  A $15,000 bond was set for him after being charged with theft, trespassing and defacing or damaging property.


About Alyssa T. Rehs

Alyssa Rehs is a fourth generation Art Dealer at her family owned art galleries, Rehs Galleries, Inc. and Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City, New York. She received an Art History degree from the University of Rhode Island in 2012 as well as interned at Christie’s Auction House, New York City. Using her art historian degree, gallery experience, and a summer spent working at the auction house, she has a well rounded understanding of the art market. Alyssa appreciates the market from multiple standpoints; art lover, art buyer and art seller!


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