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The Perks of Living Through a Drought

In the Twenty-First Century, climate change has become a leading issue, evidenced by abnormal patterns in the weather. For a couple of years now, one of the most prevalent features of climate change in drought. In the United States, California has been enduring an extensive drought while South Carolina is recovering from massive flooding due … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Antoni Gaudi

In celebration of Antoni Gaudi’s Birthday, let’s celebrate the late Spanish artists 162nd birthday with a retrospective of his most dazzling works!

Abstractify me Victor!

We do not just cover art here, we like architecture too! It’s even better when an artist abstractifies (Hmmm, not sure that’d a word but it should be) architecture. Victor Enrich digitally “enhances” images of buildings into thrilling, gravity defying structures. In an interview with TIME, Enrich says he was job hunting in Munich and … Continue reading

The Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation is set to open in 2014

LVMH (Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton) is the world’s leader in cutting-edge luxury, supporting over 60 prominent brands in a comprehensive range of: wines & spirits, fashion & leather goods, perfumes & cosmetics, watches & jewelry, selective retailing, and now has announced they will open their first museum in 2014.  LVMH has always shown a … Continue reading

Alain Cadix’s ten-point plan will boost modern and contemporary design in france

French official Alain Cadix, has launched a ten-point plan to increase modern and contemporary design across the country. A couple of points in his plan include creating special design units, named after late French designer, at universities called “Roger Tallon hubs” as well as private and public funding for a “national design policy” which will … Continue reading