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Sign the Bloody Thing

Recently, the British House of Lords has been pushing the House of Commons to act on a significant issue that has become more consequential since the beginning of the wars in the Middle East. The House of Lords has become aware of the destruction of artifacts of cultural significance, and has requested the House of … Continue reading

War, Art, and Nazis: Otto Dix’s Story

If you ask me who my favorite artist is, the standard answer is that I don’t know because there are so many good artists. But if I had to get it down to a single individual, it would have to be Otto Dix. Otto Dix is certainly not as well known to laypeople as is … Continue reading

German govt rejects Jewish heirs’ demand for art

BERLIN (AP) — The German government has refused a request to hand back two paintings once owned by a Jewish businessman persecuted by the Nazis. Germany’s Finance Ministry says it won’t return the 18th-century paintings by Bernardo Bellotto to the heirs of Max Emden because he had already fled to Switzerland when he sold them. … Continue reading

Old Court Case Re-opened for Nazi Looted Pissarro Painting

Lilly Cassirer Neubauer, a member of a prominent Jewish family of publishers and gallery owners living in Nazi Germany was desperate to obtain an exit visa before she was captured by the Nazi army.  In order to receive her one way ticket out of the Nazi rule, she was forced to surrender her beloved family … Continue reading