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Sign the Bloody Thing

Recently, the British House of Lords has been pushing the House of Commons to act on a significant issue that has become more consequential since the beginning of the wars in the Middle East. The House of Lords has become aware of the destruction of artifacts of cultural significance, and has requested the House of … Continue reading

Trouble at the Tretyakov

Usually when one brings up the subject of art smuggling, China’s Cultural Revolution or ex-Nazi hoarders come up into conversation. But over the course of the past few days, news has been coming out of Russia that reveals some major art smuggling coming from one of Russia’s state galleries. The Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow is … Continue reading

The Buildings Are Alive

All over western Russia, the buildings are slowly coming to life. They aren’t moving, but they have faces, hands, teeth and eyes. This is all thanks to Nikita Nomerz, a Russian street artist who initiated a series of projects called The Living Walls. Over the past few years, a set of giant hands have been seen … Continue reading

Russian experts publish first encyclopedias of its avant-garde

After twelve years of research and writing, leading experts in the avant-garde movement, Andrey Sarabyanov and Vasily Rakitin, have published the first two-of-three encyclopedias on the period.  With help from almost 170 art experts, museums, archives, collectors and galleries, the first two volumes cover more than 600 biographies of artists and cultural figures important to … Continue reading

Irina Nakhova wins Russia’s “Kandinsky Prize”

The “Kandinsky Prize”, Russia’s largest award for contemporary artists, similar to the “Turner Prize”  in the UK and the “Marcel Duchamp Prize” in France,  awarded its winner on Thursday for “Project of the Year.”  Established in 2007 by the “ArtChronika” Foundation the award is appropriately named after Russia’s most influential and cultural iconic artist, Wassily … Continue reading