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Sisters No More: Strain on US-Japanese Relations Because of a Statue

The concept of the sister city started sometime in the 1950s, but a lot of people tend only to know the term from browsing a town’s Wikipedia page. New York and Beijing are sister cities, as are Paris and Seoul, as well as Krakow and Edinburgh. This particular bond between cities is meant to strengthen … Continue reading

Sun, Sand and a Rake In His Hand

Maybe you have seen photos of his work but chances are you have never seen one in person. Andres Amador uses sand, well really entire beaches, as the medium to produce his art. While the works are rather massive, they sadly only last for a short while. Andres typically gives himself just a few hours … Continue reading

Shawn Clover’s Awesome Then and Now Photographs of San Francisco

Photographer Shawn Clover juxtapositions amazing photographs of current day San Francisco with photographs taken after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.  Taken from the same location, camera position and focal length, his images truly show the amazing growth San Francisco has endured over the past 100+ years.