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Sun, Sand and a Rake In His Hand


Maybe you have seen photos of his work but chances are you have never seen one in person. Andres Amador uses sand, well really entire beaches, as the medium to produce his art. While the works are rather massive, they sadly only last for a short while.

Playa Painting- Substructures gallery 300 dpi-001

Andres typically gives himself just a few hours to work, moving quickly with his rake to complete each piece before the tide rises and wipes his canvas clean. With so much effort going into each piece, some may be left wondering… “Why bother?”

P1000583 - web

To Andres, his work “provides an opportunity to reflect upon the nature of impermanence, serving as a reminder that the act of joyous creation is its own reward.”

Playa Painting- Marry Me

Those who enjoy art but are not artists themselves tend to admire the final product, but do not always appreciate the process. Andres’ work is a testament to that process; it brings “peace, focus and the joy of a challenge.” He begins each piece knowing that his efforts will be erased, sometimes even before completion. But, to Andres, “the artform is a practice of process over product.”

Playa Painting-Sliceform-301

Oh… and we don’t even have to get into the fact that he gets to spend all day at the beach. #ToughLife

Playa Painting- Bubbles II-301

Learn more about Andres and his art on his website: http://www.andresamadorarts.com/

About Lance Rehs

Lance Rehs is the most recent addition to his family owned art galleries, Rehs Galleries and Rehs Contemporary Galleries, which specialize in 19th and 20th Century European paintings and contemporary academic paintings. He earned his degree in Business from Hofstra University in 2010 and began his career working under a financial advisor. His education and previous work experience is rooted in finance, giving him the tools to understand complex markets and to decipher market trends. His knowledge of art and finance provides him with a unique perspective, allowing him to value art as an asset while appreciating it for the beauty in itself.


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