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The Pope is here! His Holiness Pope Francis, or Pope Frank as I call him (not to be confused with his predecessor, Pope Benny), has been in the United States for the past few days, traveling to Washington D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia. His trip to the US has been getting so much media … Continue reading

Hamilton Dies A Second Time

After months of debate and speculation, the Treasury Department finally revealed that it will be not be removing the face of arguably genocidal former president Andrew Jackson from the twenty-dollar bill. Instead, it be replacing the portrait of Alexander Hamilton with the face of an unnamed influential American woman. If you don’t know your American … Continue reading

Lost and Found

I know that my previous article is about a similar incident, and I usually don’t cover the same subject for two articles in a row; but I think this one is worthy of recognition. When someone steals something from the library, it’s probably for a couple of CDs to pirate the music, or maybe the … Continue reading

Theft at The Jean and Price Daniel Home and Archives

According to the Boulin, the former home of Texas governor Price Daniels, now a home museum, was broken into on December 12th.  Daniel who held office from 1957 to 1963 had a large collection of historical memorabilia and artifacts.  Museum officials have determined that silverware, jewelry, a sword, a Native American headdress and WWII items … Continue reading

Shawn Clover’s Awesome Then and Now Photographs of San Francisco

Photographer Shawn Clover juxtapositions amazing photographs of current day San Francisco with photographs taken after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.  Taken from the same location, camera position and focal length, his images truly show the amazing growth San Francisco has endured over the past 100+ years.

David Daturna & Google Glass

As technology grows at a mind-blowing rate, the creative mind of artist David Daturna is determined to mesh the two realms of art and science into one. The Georgian-born-American artist, has produced a work of art in a medium that is first of its kind; Google Glass, “a groundbreaking interactive, social experience for Glass.”  His … Continue reading