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Large Picasso leaves the Four Seasons restaurant after over a century

When the building owners of the Four Seasons restaurant proposed to remove Picasso’s “Le Tricorne” for wall repairs, conservators quickly stepped in and halted the plan.  “Le Tricorne” is a 95 year old original Picasso curtain that has hung on the restaurant wall for over half a century.  Conservators feared that the removal process and … Continue reading

Major Tom Lands in Chicago

Many of us know that musicians have other talents besides creating great music. A rather large number of them go into art. John Lennon’s drawings and Joni Mitchell’s self-portraits are rather well known. But something that caught my eye lately was an article that I read about a rather famous British musician that’s going on … Continue reading

Statue Selfies

It’s one of the newest internet trends, and also one of the most bearable things that people are posting on the Internet these days. It began at the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork, Ireland by a visitor who took photographs of Greco-Roman sculptures with his phone in such a way to look like the statues … Continue reading

HBO Documentary Film: Banksy Does New York

HBO Documentary Films has announced their upcoming release: “Banksy Does New York.”  A documentary by filmmaker, Chris Moukarbel, based on the artists month long residency that took place in New York during October 2014, “Better Out Than In.”   Moukarbel’s documentary will explore the thirty days of the graffiti art by Banksy, that popped up in … Continue reading

September Edition

Michael Anthony Jackson – this 45 year old convict with a rap-sheet including murder, domestic violence assaulter, assault, and negligent driving is now facing felony malicious mischief charges for damaging an 18th century Chinese urn, at the Seattle Art Museum in July.  According to police reports, Jackson pushed the urn over, worth more than $100,000, … Continue reading