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Christo Sinking or Swimming

Earlier in the month, the renowned Christo unveiled his latest work that has taken him forty-six years to bring to realization. The Floating Piers have been out on Lake Iseo, in northern Italy since 18 June, and will continue to float out in the lake until 3 July: a bridge dressed in saffron-colored fabric that connects two … Continue reading

19th Century European Art in New York, May 2016 

  On the 18th of May, Sotheby’s presented an interesting sale of 19th century works of art. For the past 6 or 8 years these sales have struggled … not because there was a lack of interest, but because the quality of the art just wasn’t there.  Yes, they had a sprinkling of good works; … Continue reading

A Nerd’s Favorite Artist

For those who have been reading my articles, you may have guessed that I’m a huge nerd. I correct people’s grammar; I relate to George more than Marty when I watch Back to the Future; and I talk about sci-fi and fantasy with my fellow nerds. But when it comes to art, there’s only a few … Continue reading