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The Pope is here! His Holiness Pope Francis, or Pope Frank as I call him (not to be confused with his predecessor, Pope Benny), has been in the United States for the past few days, traveling to Washington D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia. His trip to the US has been getting so much media … Continue reading

How Would You Like To Pay? Cash, Credit, or Bitcoin?

The Internet and the virtual world is evolving so rapidly that even I, an eighteen-year-old, can’t keep up with it sometimes. One of the more perplexing things that has come into light in the past year is the prominence of the Bitcoin. For those who don’t know what that is, Bitcoin was originally a payment … Continue reading

The Buildings Are Alive

All over western Russia, the buildings are slowly coming to life. They aren’t moving, but they have faces, hands, teeth and eyes. This is all thanks to Nikita Nomerz, a Russian street artist who initiated a series of projects called The Living Walls. Over the past few years, a set of giant hands have been seen … Continue reading

Major Tom Lands in Chicago

Many of us know that musicians have other talents besides creating great music. A rather large number of them go into art. John Lennon’s drawings and Joni Mitchell’s self-portraits are rather well known. But something that caught my eye lately was an article that I read about a rather famous British musician that’s going on … Continue reading

Charles Gitnick stops by the LA Art Show

I have to say, one of the greatest aspects of working in the art world is the opportunity I have to meet amazing people. Last week, I was working our booth (Rehs Galleries) at the LA Art show and saw a number of actors, musicians, and other celebrities but if I am being completely honest, … Continue reading

Felix Salmon’s Art Market Analysis

Felix Salmon, a financial blogger for Reuters, along with Thierry Dumoulin and Katharine Markley from Artnet teamed up to analyze “how different artists have their auction peaks at different times, and how some artists fade away while others become newly fashionable.”  Ultimately, the research did not show what they had expected as it became apparent … Continue reading